I’ll Stand by Pensioners, Elderly – Ambode

The All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in Lagos state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, has assured senior citizens and the Pensioners in the state of his constant support to alleviate their worries and pains. He stated this on Monday during his meeting with members of the National Union of Pensioners (Lagos state chapter) and Senior citizens at the LTV8 Blue-roof Hall in Ikeja, Lagos.

According to the former Accountant-General of the State, Pensioners and the aged hold an important position in the state and they deserve to be treated with respect and sincerity of purpose. “You are well regarded by the government of the APC and you will continue to be. I am here to assure you that I will always stand by you and ensure that your yearnings as senior citizens are sufficiently addressed”, Ambode stated, adding that his administration will build another Pensioners’ Villa on the Lagos Mainland, in addition to the one that already exists in Ajah.

He said his promise is not merely political, but that it is informed by his firsthand experience as a pensioner and also as the son of a pensioner. He added that he will continually employ his experience to create more comfort and maximum welfare for the ones he described as “highly esteemed”.

Akinwunmi Ambode addressing the Senior Citizens of Lagos State
Akinwunmi Ambode addressing the Senior Citizens of Lagos State

“You all have served our state meritoriously, you have been part of the excellence that Lagos stands for. You surely deserve your maximum benefits and total welfare, and our government, when elected, will continue to ensure this happens”.

The pensioners, who had defied the heavy downpour to gather en masse for the APC candidate, were unanimous in their appreciation of the former Accountant-General, describing him as a trustworthy man who contributed to the improvement in Pension payment in Lagos state. They also attested to Ambode’s civil service antecedents that have constantly favored them, and therefore expressed total support and blessing for his candidacy.

The Secretary of the Union, Mr. Awoseye Oluwadara, described Ambode as the kind of leader “who practically replaces tears with joy and laughter”, while giving reference to Ambode’s personal role in making sure that a backlog of pensioners’ dues were duly paid when the APC governorship candidate was the Accountant-General of the state.

The Chairman of the Union of Alhaji Nojeem Ibrahim, also praised Ambode’s managerial intervention that saw to the steady and regular payment of pensioners’ dues, adding that such antecedent gives them the confidence that they will be adequately catered for when Ambode becomes the Governor.

A Cross Section of Senior Citizens of Lagos State at the Event
A Cross Section of Senior Citizens of Lagos State at the Event

Another leader among the senior citizens, Pa J.O Sanya, said “the main purpose of this gathering is to show appreciation. Ambode, we appreciate all the good works you have done for us. Be assured of our support to become the next Governor of this state”.

Amidst their outpouring of praise and unified expression of support for Ambode, the Pensioners solicited for the harmonization of their benefits and dues by the incoming government. They also yearned for the payment of some already approved arrears when he is elected as the next Executive Governor.