Our Vision
To make Lagos a clean, secure, more prosperous state with a robust economy built on service, equity and justice.
Our Mission
  • Develop tourism through the provision of the necessary infrastructure and facilities to make Lagos one of the most welcoming places to tourists and foreigners.
  • Prioritize economic growth and development for all; where everyone has equal access to jobs, regardless of sex, gender, religion, age or physical conditions.
  • Pursue increased community cohesion and civic identity through participation in social, political and cultural spheres.
  • Provide adequate safety and effective security of lives and property.
  • Focus on equitable distribution of wealth, benefits and reduction in poverty with the attendant incidence of slums. Create a State that protects the rights of all.
  • Improve urban living, productivity, mobility and connectivity through the provision of adequate physical and social infrastructure.
  • Propagate human rights protection and sustainable development.
  • Create a Lagos of clean air and safe streets for leisure and business; to ensure a State of prosperity, equity, fairness, justice and the rule of law.