A Vote for the APC is a Vote for Your Future -Ambode Tells Youth

The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Lagos state, Mr. Akinwunmi has enjoined the youths to make an informed and wise decision to vote for the APC at all levels in the forthcoming general elections stating that such move will liberate the nation from the shackles of an ineffective government, poverty and unemployment. He said such a decision will be tantamount to saving their future.

While addressing the mammoth crowd at the APC Alimosho rally, Ambode argued that the present PDP government at the centre has actually taken the entire nation aback in past 16 years of democracy despite the availability of resources thus making it pertinent for everybody, the youths most especially to vote them out in favour of the progressive governance and better future that the APC stands for.

“It is an historic moment in our Nation, and you all should decide to partake in rewriting it. I implore the youths to vote en masse to install a progressive and revolutionary government at the centre. By doing this, we will all go down in our Nation’s history as the generation that voted out a reckless and retrogressive government through the ballot”, Ambode noted.

He further stated, “the truth is that this election is about our future and it goes beyond the sentiment of tribe or religion. I keep saying that we must both individually and collectively rescue Nigeria. It will be for ourselves, our unborn children; it will be for liberty, it will be for hope, and it will be for prosperity”.

“The election before us is centered around how to secure the future of the youths. You are a majority and are pivotal to the development of this Nation at all fronts. Unfortunately, you have been neglected; this is not in any way political, it is a fact. Now is the time to give prospects to your future by voting rightly”, Ambode stressed.

Governor Babatunde Fashola reiterated at the rally that it will only be logical for every well-meaning Nigerian to vote out the PDP government at the centre, stressing that the manifesto of the APC is designed to address all the ills created by the PDP administration.

“In the next two days before the election, be calm and think about it very well, think about the lies, incompetence and the many deficiencies of this present PDP government; then compare it with any APC state government. I am sure you will make a more concrete resolve to vote for the APC and actively partake in the process to replicate good governance all over Nigeria”, Fashola said.

Fashola noted that the example of productive governance is what has been obtainable in Lagos for the past 16 years and declared that Ambode is the man to continue with that tradition and lead Lagos on a path of growth.

The rally witnessed an overwhelming turnout of electorates in the largest Local Government Area of the state and saw the presence of senior APC party stalwarts, candidates and party leaders, notably, the Governor, State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the state chairman of the party, Otunba Henry Oladele Ajomale and candidate for Lagos West Senatorial district, Hon. Solomon Adeola Olamilekan.