Lagos Works Infrastructure

Power and Energy:

Lagos Power and Energy

  • Expand the IPP scheme to cater for public utilities and industrial zones, and where necessary and possible, explore alternative energy sources to reduce dependence on hydro-energy. Defend the interest of electricity consumers for fair pricing from private franchisees.


Lagos Finance

  • Commitment to a proper financial and statistical planning on the needs of Lagos in the next twenty (20) years.
  • Establishment of the Lagos Finance and Development Commission that allows all stakeholders including the private sector, civil society and government to match the needs of the State with the financial resources to attain our goals.


Lagos Works Infrastructure
  • Provide an integrated solution to our road networks that allows for easy movement from the suburbs to urban centres, by building bridges and by-passes where inevitable for decongestion of traffic. Presently, the twenty-nine (29) bridges in Lagos are inadequate. Seven (7) of them need expansion and urgent attention must be paid to that. We shall ensure that rural areas enjoy the same standard of roads/bridge network with the urban centres and build pedestrian bridges (for instance on Agege motorway and other identified areas to prevent/stop needless deaths of road-crossers/users) thereby improving and expanding on all physical infrastructures across our communities as a means of attracting the right set of investors/businesses to our State.
  • Pursue a fully integrated transport management system that takes into consideration: Roads (Pursue the mono-rail alternative as a means of mobility for the movement of our people in the sub-urban areas and commit to the completion of the on-going Blue-Line (CMS-Okokomaiko while ensuring the delivery of the red line (Ikeja-Agbado), Air (Commit to the Lekki Airport project to reduce flight related congestion, stimulate commerce by establishing new real estates, businesses and tourism hubs in the axis) and Water (Advance public waterways transportation including provision of appropriate dredging and route management, security and rescue team to open the water corridor for advertising and investors).
  • Overhaul and expand the BRT scheme to all the divisions in the State. Introduce new bus routes and increase bus fleet with the aim of establishing a 24/7bus service in the State as well as encourage the creation of bicycle lanes in our suburbs.
  • Pay greater attention to traffic/road management, using technology and e-traffic.
  • Introduce and establish officially designated bus stops/routes in the State. Top-class bus stop shelters to be introduced and accompanied by vigorous civic education on traffic rules and user-attitude on all our roads/public utilities.