Lagos servives


Lagos education

  • Continue the current schools renovation program state-wide to improve learning environment.
  • Upgrade libraries and create new ones into e-libraries in each LGA/LCDA in the State.
  • Establish IBILE meal scheme in all our public schools.
  • Pay bursary for students in higher institutions and introduce scholarship into our Vocational and Technical Colleges.
  • Reposition LASU and Lagos State Polytechnic and other tertiary institutions in the State as global centres of academic excellence through massive infrastructural development, corporate engagement and international collaboration and continue the current subsidy and tuition free schooling.


Lagos health

  • Continue to improve upon the flagship primary Health Care Programme to increase the number and quality of Public Health Centres (PHC) that can offer 24/7 services on out-patient and maternal care and thereby ensure zero tolerance for all communicable diseases in Lagos State.
  • Harmonize private and public sector collaboration in secondary health care.
  • Establish medic-parks and bio-parks in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to stave off huge capital flight arising from medical expenses abroad.
  • Reduce doctor-patient ratioand support health institutions with more equipment and infrastructure,
  • Pay more attention to the training and capacity building of all medical practitioners in all our medical institutions/offices.

Lagos housing

  • Expand Lagos Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme (HOMS) to target more people in the areas of need and affordability, thus using alternative technologies that reduce the cost of housing delivery in the State. Pursue urban renewal schemes to reduce the menace of slums and enforce housing control laws and other regulations that will make the State attractive for everyone to live in.


Lagos agriculture

Focus on Agriculture to boost job creation by sustaining the 3,000 acres of land in Ogun State and 500 acres of land in Abuja for agricultural products already in existence. We will also promote other agricultural value-chain such as rice processing to produce over 100,000 tonne per annum, with the overall goal of commencing agro-processing business in Lagos and expand fish production to ensure 100% self-sufficiency in the first 2 years and export in the last 2 years.

Lagos save environment

  • Provide a clean and safe environment, clean air, good neighbourhood to meet international standards suitable enough for visitors and residents to live in comfortably.
  • Improve the enforcement of environmental/sanitation laws by expanding personnel, awareness and equipment.
  • Promote recycling business and programs as a youth-enterprise initiative.
  • Continue the Ejinrin relocation project to reduce the incidence of slums in the urban centres.Promote adaptation to climate change and mitigation of effects.
  • Expand the Emergency Relief Agency to meet the needs of our people in all ramifications.
  • Increase access to clean water by expanding the waterworks networks in the State.
  • Improve on the flood response framework to prevent flooding and its consequences at all times.

Project T.H.E.S.E:

Lagos Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment/Arts Sports

  • To achieve the above, our government will launch Project ”T.H.E.S.E” which is an integrated solution involving the systematic integration of Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment/Arts Sports for Excellence, which will enable the State to explore, execute and enshrine a new vista of jobs for our youths, our women and vocational artisans. The attraction of visitors and foreigners to Lagos through this initiative guarantees a pronounced improvement on our revenue sources, while the establishment of Business Support Centres/Services.