It is Forward Ever, Backward Never -Lagos Christians Declare

The coalition of Christian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Lagos state, led by Archbishop Magnus Adeyemi Atilade, Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (South-West), declared today that the Christians in Lagos will give their full support to the All Progressives Congress (APC), to ensure that the state keeps moving forward. They said this today at an event held to formally endorse Akinwunmi Ambode, the APC gubernatorial candidate, as the next Executive Governor of the state.

According to Archbishop Atilade, the endorsement of Ambode is hinged on the Christian body’s belief in a guided and progressive democracy, and also on Ambode’s proven ability to perform as an astute administrator.

“The Christians in Lagos acknowledge that the state has seen steady progress since the inception of this democracy, and as regards the incoming state elections, we together say ‘forward ever, backward never'”.

A Cross Section of Christians at the Event
A Cross Section of Christians at the Event

“This is what informs our endorsement of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode as the next Lagos state Governor. He has paid his dues by serving this state meritoriously, he is a proven public administrator who knows this terrain of governance quite well. We strongly believe he will pilot Lagos to a higher level”, Atilade declared.

Speaking further on behalf of the organization, the Archbishop stated that they succeeded at the first step of electing a responsible government at the centre, stressing that now is the time to consolidate on that good first move by voting for the APC in Lagos.

“The better choice is very clear now, we have initiated the first step successfully, all we need to do nowadays is to complete that step by voting en masse for Ambode in Lagos, and God will help us”.

A Cross Section of Christians at the Event
A Cross Section of Christians at the Event

In his response, Ambode thanked the Lagos body of Christians for their longstanding support, and he promised to serve selflessly according to the tenets of God. He then urged them to vote for the party to ensure more of more.

“Just last Saturday, Nigerians spoke, and against all odds, victory was secured for better governance at the centre. It is the turn of Lagosians to speak for this noble cause of sustaining excellence in Lagos state”, Ambode said.

He added, “God helping me, I promise you all a government that is compassionate, caring, that stands for fairness and that one that governs without discrimination”.

The meeting was rounded off in prayers from the Clerics and the members for Mr. Ambode to ensure his victory at the polls.