The Ndieze Ndigbo in Lagos state have said that the only gubernatorial candidate they know, who they also believe possesses the best qualities to serve the state in the next four years is Akinwunmi Ambode of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
They made this assertion today at the Onikan stadium, during an endorsement rally organized by the group for the APC Presidential ticket, Muhammadu Buhari/Yemi Osinbajo, and all other APC candidates in Lagos, ahead of the forthcoming elections.

While speaking through one of their leaders, Eze Uche Dimgba, Eze Ndigbo of Ikeja, the Lagos Igbos categorically stated that Ambode is the one they readily relate with for his public service feats and proven accounting genius, that has been undoubtedly instrumental to the thriving economy of the state which favors a lot of the Igbo community.

In his address Eze Dimgba said, “the main reason why majority of Ezes and Igbos living in Lagos state decided to endorse General Buhari and all APC candidates in Lagos state is our resolve to promote excellence at all levels of governance in our country.

He added, “Indeed, our endorsement is hinged on the excellent job done by the previous Tinubu administration and the present Fashola administration in the last 15 years and 10 months, which has made Lagos the best state in Nigeria and the envy of all other states.”

They reiterated that Ambode has been an integral of this Lagos success story, judging by his meritorious 27-year public servitude; hence their endorsement of his gubernatorial candidacy in the hope of consolidating on the past successes.

“We want this excellent job performed by the APC in Lagos state sustained by the experienced and competent Ambode, and then replicated at the Federal level by a government headed by the credible, non-corrupt General Buhari”.

Speaking at the event, Ambode thanked the Igbos for aligning with the progressives and he urged them to remain resolute in their quest for a better Nigeria. APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu buttressed Ambode urge by saying, “they can try to ‘Dollarize’ your rice and your akpu, but don’t let them Dollarize your PVCs and your conscience. I’m glad to know you’ve chosen to vote wisely”.

Ambode was joined by all other APC candidates in the forthcoming elections for Lagos state, and they were hailed by Igbos for having a manifesto with a human face and which captures the welfare and security of all Nigerians.