Goodwill Message Delivered At The 8th Edition Of Tradesmen And Artisan’s Day Celebration

The role of the Artisans/Tradesmen in the pyramid of socio-economic development of a nation is very critical to achieving sustainable growth and the overall prosperity of the population. It is in recognition of this fact that this administration has shown commitment towards ensuring that this event is not only sustained but also more rewarding.

This yearly celebration affords you an opportunity to share your ideas, challenges and also suggest solutions that will help in growing your trade and also make it more profitable. At this same event last year, some issues were raised and we made a commitment to address them. I believe all the issues raised have either been adequately addressed or are in the process of being concluded.

One thing I can assure you is that the growth and profitability of your trade is our top priority and we will continue to implement policies and incentives that will improve your productive capacity.


The theme: “Technology and innovation: A catalyst for the development of the Artisans and Tradesmen” was chosen to sensitize you to the reality of global trends. In this modern time, successful businesses are driven by technology and innovative ideas. It will be difficult for you to survive and stay ahead of your competitors if you continue to do things the old way and fail to key into the current reality. There is no aspect of your trade or vocation that you cannot apply technology to improve on quality, efficiency and productivity.

Given the strategic role of the informal sector in the socio economic development of Lagos State, our administration has opened an online portal designed to facilitate interaction amongst Artisans, MSMEs, Customers/End-Users and other relevant stakeholders. Its primary goal is to make it easy and convenient for people in need of high quality service to meet reliable, trusted and verified service providers. It is also aimed at enhancing the productivity, competitiveness, creativity and vitality of the sector.


We have implemented various strategies to support the establishment and growth of small businesses through the State Employment Trust Fund and other capacity development programmes. I will encourage you to synchronize your activities and key into these programmes to empower your members and other youths in the State.

For the retrained Artisans who are present here today, let me remind you that the strategic position of this State offers you endless opportunity to leverage on. Our State is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it presents great opportunities that are waiting to be tapped and challenges which you are the solution provider. Your training has been designed to address the skills mis-match and provide the right mix of skills needed to service the industrial needs of the State. This administration has a clear focus on all our initiatives and believes in the potentials and innovative capacity of Lagos Artisans.

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I also want to assure you that we will continue to provide and maintain the required infrastructure and conducive environment for business. Let me also seize this opportunity to remind you that the strategic position of this State offers you endless opportunities, waiting to be tapped. Grab it and make good use of it.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Itesiwaju Ipinle Eko, lo je wa logun