It is Wise to Vote Continuity in Lagos -Akinwunmi Ambode

The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Lagos state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, has stated that it only requires good discretion in any sincere and well-meaning Lagosian, to know that the state will thrive much better by voting for the APC in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections. He said this is even more imperative now considering the fact that the party has been elected to govern at the national level. He stated this today during a chat with Channels television’s political anchor, Seun Okinbaloye on the programme, “Politics Today”,

Mr. Ambode argued that for Lagos to have worked well in the past 16 years despite being in opposition, the possibilities of doing much more now with a “friendly” government at the centre are endless. He said, “Everybody commends the level of growth and development that has been achieved in Lagos under the APC in the past 16years. This development is set to be accelerated with an APC government at the centre, and I strongly believe that Lagosians should take advantage of this opportunity by voting for the party come April 11. It is the commonsensical and wise thing to do”

Ambode added that the primary responsibility of any government is the welfare and safety of its citizens. He enumerated some of his plans to achieve these cardinal objectives in accordance with the party manifesto. He pledged to use his financial expertise to manouever the tough economic times ahead considering the expected dwindling revenues from the federal government.. “Lagos has had a relatively stable economy over the past few years. It has grown remarkably being the only state that generates 67% of its total revenue from its internally generated revenue. What Lagos needs now is a more robust economy which can withstand the challenges that will be posed by the dwindling oil prices, and I have the proven financial management wizardry to ensure that”.

Ambode promised to use his political will to attract investors that will partner with the government to explore and maximize the potential of Lagos coastal waters, especially along the lines of tourism and transport. He pointed to his Employment Trust Fund and Small Business Credit Guarantee Scheme as some of the policies that have been designed to make the ordinary man on the street partake in the prosperity of the state.

When asked about his thoughts and expectations from the Lagos Igbos, Ambode stressed that Lagos state is too cosmopolitan that it cannot be divided along tribal or ethnic lines. He said, “This election is about choices and interests, and I’m sure that every Lagosian, be it Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba, is interested in the progress of this place we all call home, so, I’m sure the Igbos will vote for the APC”. Ambode expressed confidence about the victory for him and his party, saying that the feedback gotten from the polity shows that the people are happy with the APC manifesto, and as such will keep supporting them. “We’ve worked hard, we have a score-card that says we have performed well and the Lagos electorates are happy. As a truly progressive party remain committed to the people, these are the facts that assure us of victory in the forthcoming state elections”, he said.