Alimosho Electorates Accept Akinwunmi Ambode

The people of Alimosho today gathered at the Abesan stadium to express their acceptance of Akinwunmi Ambode’s gubernatorial candidacy. The large crowd that came out to receive the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign train that hit the Local Government Area (LGA) confirmed the overwhelming acceptance.

Ambode was thankful for the reception given to him and the entire APC party, promising not to destroy the trust vested on him. He expressed his readiness to keep on with the wonderful development that Alimosho has experienced under the government of the APC.
“Alimosho will experience further development. There are already well thought out plans to lift our largest local government to greater heights.”

He added, “Our Employment Trust Fund will create wealth, promote entrepreneurship, make more jobs and make our youths and graduates purposeful. We will embark on an upgrade of infrastructure that will make an Abesan stadium for example, get lifted to international standards.”

Ambode restated that the simple but effective message that his government promises, remains the continuity of excellence that will ensure a safer, cleaner and more prosperous Lagos.

After thanking the Alimosho electorates for their support, he urged them all to remain resolute with their resolve to endorse continuity in Lagos and Change at the centre.
“They can change the dates of the elections, but they can’t change our date with destiny. We will stand with one voice and proclaim the much-deserved continuity in Lagos and the much-needed Change at the centre”, Ambode said.

He added that the extension will strengthen that resolve for good governance, rather than derail their enthusiasm. “We will increase the scope of our campaign from house to house, door to door and get our people to vote for the APC.”

Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN), the state APC party Chairman, Chief Henry Ajomale, APC National Woman Leader, Chief (Mrs) Kemi Nelson, and other party leaders who spoke at the rally, all gave reference to Ambode’s experience and competence, the two credentials they said will make their candidate perform excellently as the next Governor of the state.

“Lagos is a Mega city, too mega to be given to an inexperienced and untested hand. Ambode is the qualified and experienced one to take Lagos to the next level”, Kemi Nelson particularly stated.

Akinwunmi Ambode’s gubernatorial candidacy keeps receiving mammoth acceptance all across Lagos, and the Alimosho rally was another example that stood out.