Address Delivered by Gov. Ambode at the Swearing in Ceremony of the New Permanent Secretaries


Today is an important day in the careers of the officers who have just been elevated to the prestigious position of Permanent Secretaries in the Lagos State Civil Service.

Your appointments, from a pool of equally competent and qualified substantive directors, are as a result of a careful selection based on merit, professionalism and proven track record of service to the State.

You will all recall my promise at the Inaugural address on the need to carry out public sector reforms. This phase has seen the merging and realignment of ministries and agencies as well as the creation of new ones. We have established the Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment, the Office of Overseas Affairs and Investment and the Office of Civic Engagement. These are in line with our campaign promises to run an inclusive government and create better opportunities for our people.

This phase has also witnessed the realignment of Parastatals/Agencies reporting through their superintending Ministries to the Governor. In all, we must be committed to the principles of good governance; probity, transparency and accountability.

I expect you to apply the best tenets of the Civil Service in your roles as Permanent Secretaries, making Service and the Common Good of all Lagosians your watchwords.
Your primary allegiance is to the people of Lagos, irrespective of creed or colour. This is the banner of this administration. You must today rededicate yourselves to the service of Lagos State.

The quality of service delivered by this government will be measured on daily basis. Any ministry where the quality of service is compromised, the Permanent Secretary, as Accounting Officer, should be held liable. I expect nothing but excellence in this centre of excellence.

The next phase of our administrative agenda will be the constitution of the cabinet as we consolidate on the foundation we have laid in the last Sixty days.

I congratulate all of you on your appointment and charge you to immediately get to work, prove yourselves and justify this responsibility that has been placed on you.

I look forward to working with you to deliver a cleaner, safer and more prosperous Lagos State.
Thank you.

Akinwunmi Ambode
Governor, Lagos State.
5th August, 2015