Speech Delivered At The Swearing In Of The Members Of The Governing Council Of The Citizens Mediation At The Lagos House, Alausa Ikeja

In every city where monetary, human and other capitals flow in such large volume as can be found in our State, an alternative to the adversarial means of resolving disputes must be put in place for easier and faster resolution of matters. Lagos State’s answer to this trend is the Citizens Mediation Centre.

The Citizens Mediation Centre serves as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre providing a non- adversarial forum for the mediation and settlement of disputes between parties who voluntarily agree to the mediation of the disputes by mediators.

In recognition of the important role the Centre plays in mediating on disputes reported in respect of all matters that fall within the ambit of its statutory duties as well as providing free dispute resolution options, we, as government have continued to ensure the growth and expansion of the Centre into remote areas of the State.


The Citizens Mediation Centre Law of 2015 (CMC Law) provides for the establishment of the Citizens Mediation Centre and composition of a Governing Council for the Centre.

By virtue of the provisions of the CMC Law, the functions of the Council shall include monitoring performance of the Centre; assess user satisfaction of mediation services; review and formulate new policy guidelines for the Centre, and do other such things as the Council may consider appropriate for the overall development and growth of the Centre, amongst other functions.

In approving the nomination of each and every member of this governing Council, due recognition was given to their track record and area of expertise.

We have just witnessed the inauguration of the Chairman and members of the Governing Council of the Citizens Mediation Centre to effectively carry out its statutory functions:


  3. MRS. OMOLOLU ADESINA             –           MEMBER
  4. AMANDA ASAGBA             –                        MEMBER
  5. MOHAMMED ISKIL LAWAL –                      MEMBER
  6. MR. TOKUNBO JAIYE- AGORO             –    MEMBER
  7. MRS. YINKA ODUKOYA             –                MEMBER

I charge the members of this Governing Council to be diligent and demonstrate the integrity and impartiality which this assignment deserves. I have no doubt that you will all bring your wealth of experience to bear on the mandate of the Lagos State Citizens Mediation Centre and that you all will justify the confidence this administration has reposed on you.

I thank you all for accepting to serve on this Governing Council and wish you the best of luck.

Thank you.

Itesiwaju ipinle Eko lo jewalogun