Remarks Delivered At The 2017 Legal Year Ceremony At Cathedral Church Of Christ, Marina, Lagos

This is an auspicious, yet inevitable occasion as we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our judicial system and the commencement of the new legal year. I congratulate the members of the busiest Judiciary in Nigeria for maintaining a high standard of institutional integrity.

The celebration of this Golden Jubilee is an opportunity to reflect on the history and achievements in the Justice sector. It is also a time to remember all the great Judges who sat on the Bench and all those great lawyers who appeared in Court and helped in the dispensation of justice. This event, attended by both the Bench and the Bar, affords us the opportunity to reflect on whether we are preserving the rich legacy and heritage which we inherited.

Indeed, Lagos State has a general reputation for trailblazing reforms in the justice sector and in many other sectors. In particular, our Judiciary has earned a status for great integrity and independence over the years and we are proud of it.


The Judiciary since its creation in 1967 has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. The volume of cases handled by the Judges and Magistrates has necessitated the appointment of additional Judges and Magistrates with improved welfare and continuous infrastructural developments to further enhance the quality of justice delivery in the State.

The judicial arm of the government remains the only and lasting beacon of hope, fairness, and justice to all citizens while the legal profession has a vital role to play in promoting the cause of justice, protecting human rights and upholding professional standards. It is in fulfilment of our promises to advance the cause of justice that the first DNA and Forensic Centre was commissioned to aid investigation and dispensation of justice.

Though we are autonomous arms of the same Government, I must emphasize that our success as a Government lies more in our inter-dependence and collaboration, which must be undertaken without hindering the independent discharge of our different functions. I assure you of my continuous support and partnership as the Judiciary discharges its statutory responsibilities.


There is a popular saying that, “a house is only as good as its foundation”. This Administration has laid that foundation for good governance, peace, security and public order and our justice system must remain sound, fair and effective. The good people of Lagos State must be further assured of transparency and accountability in their access to justice.

The expectation of the citizenry is enormous and requires all stakeholders to demonstrate patriotism and leadership as well as knowledge and skills. We must work continuously to enhance confidence in the legal system, promote the rule of law and guarantee protection of lives and properties.

Let me use this opportunity to re-state the commitment of this Administration to promote the rule of law and regenerate a new era of economic prosperity for our dear State. I am confident that under the current leadership of the Acting Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Opeyemi Oke, the good people of Lagos State are assured of prompt and fair dispensation of justice, innovations and more reforms that will improve the administration of Justice nationwide.

I wish Your Lordship Happy Golden Jubilee and Happy new legal year celebrations.

Itesiwaju Ipinle eko, lo je wa logun