One Year Anniversary Address To The State By His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, Governor Of Lagos State On Democracy Day, May 29, 2016


Fellow Lagosians,

Exactly one year ago, I took the oath of office and allegiance as the 14th Governor of our dear State. Then, you committed yourselves and the future of the State into my hands; the huge responsibility of serving you.

I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve.

Today, I am humbled by the clear support and encouragement you have shown to me and my government in the last one year.

Today, I am happy to report, despite the fact that the global economy is in turmoil and the Nigerian economy is facing huge challenges, Lagos is marching on with confidence and a clear vision.


Our vision remains the same as declared in my manifesto last year; To make Lagos a clean, secure and prosperous State with a robust economy built on service, equity and justice.

It is equally true that our mission remains on track:

  • Develop tourism through the provision of necessary infrastructure and facilities to make Lagos one of the most welcoming places to tourists and foreigners
  • Pursue increased community cohesion and civic identity through participation in social, political and cultural spheres.
  • Provide adequate safety and effective security of lives and property.
  • Improve urban living, productivity, mobility and connectivity through the provision of adequate physical and social infrastructure.
  • Propagate human rights protection and sustainable development.

I remain totally committed to serving you as we join hands together to achieve our mission for Lagos.

I have also been driven by the promises I made during my inauguration where I promised to run a government of inclusion where no one is left behind. You remember I reiterated that no matter your age, sex, tribe or status, as long as you reside in Lagos, my administration would make Lagos work for you.

I dared to dream of a 24/7 Lagos where people will prosper and all your aspirations can be met. I call on all our children and youth once again, to join me in that dream and vision where hardwork and diligence will lead to great rewards for all of us.


As you all know, the only constant thing in life is CHANGE. I therefore seek to continue with that change and move Lagos to the next level.

We are all witnesses to the extreme economic difficulties being faced by the nation and Lagos is not immune. My administration has therefore had to employ creative and ingenious financial engineering to meet the economic challenges of our time.

God has been good and faithful to us. We have been prudent and encouraged transparency in the operations of government. This has in turn enabled us to meet our obligations and promises to our people. I am therefore bold to say that with your support and prayers, Lagos shall continue to prosper despite a difficult economic environment.


While it might appear that it took some time for our train to gather momentum, most people overlooked the fundamental bedrock of the change mantra – reforming the public service and institutional framework – to deliver positive results.

The success story of our public sector reforms has been the underpinning achievement in driving the various sectoral improvements we have witnessed in the last one year.

Using our tripod approach of Security, Infrastructural Development and Job Opportunities, we have made significant progress. Our efforts in the security sector has resulted in a reduction in crime incidents by 65%. Our Light Up Lagos initiative, road and bridge construction projects have improved the physical infrastructure in the State while our renewal and upgrading of medical infrastructure and the new emergency rescue unit have raised our social infrastructure.

All these have contributed to economic growth and with our Employment Trust Fund coming on stream, job opportunities will be created for all our people.



We plan to undertake so much more in the coming year and we promise that we will not disappoint Lagosians. We plan to install a fiber optic network around the city of Lagos to boost broadband access to our homes and offices; we shall build and rehabilitate more roads; we shall ignite our Tourism and Entertainment potentials by approving a new International conference center and entertainment and theatre district; our television and radio stations will be fully overhauled to make them first class; we shall automate our bus system and introduce new buses; we shall overhaul our garbage collection system to make it more efficient; we shall build and refurbish more schools; we shall commence disbursement of loans to entrepreneurs and our youth under our Employment Trust Fund; establish a Rent – To – Own housing scheme and many more initiatives.

More importantly, greater attention shall be paid to the issues of our elderly ones, the youth and the people living with disabilities in the coming year. Our schools and hospitals will receive special attention comprehensively.


Fellow Lagosians, I renew my oath and pledge to serve you diligently, with passion, love and perseverance. I have always wanted to serve and I just ask that you continue to give me the cooperation to serve you and together, we will all realise the Lagos of our dreams where we thrive and not just survive.

I also ask you to dream along with me as we actualize a vision of a vibrant, non-discriminatory, clean, prosperous, safe Lagos that we can all be proud of and God will help us all achieve our dreams.




MAY 29, 2016