Keynote Address Delivered By Governor Ambode On The Occasion Of The Official Launch Of The Alaro Satellite City, Epe

At the inception of this administration, one of our cardinal missions was to make every part of the State economically viable and livable. To achieve this, we invested massively in infrastructural development across the State.

As we embarked on this course of action, we sought for private sector partners to support our objective to develop every part of our State because we know that government, on its own, would be unable to achieve this.  This is why this official launch of the Alaro Satellite City is a major landmark for our administration.

Today’s event is a demonstration of the confidence the organised private sector and foreign investors have in our State, our Government and the viability of doing business in Lagos. The Alaro Satellite City is a strong statement that our Lagos is still attracting more direct foreign investment.

I officially welcome Rendeavour Group to Lagos and I thank you for the confidence to invest in our State. I am also very happy that we have today added another viable investor to the Lekki-Epe corridor whose investment will create jobs and improve the livelihood of our people.

The Alaro Satellite City was conceived to provide housing schemes to a broad spectrum of income earners, industrial workspaces, warehouses, hospitality and commercial office facilities amongst others. The project would not only open up the corridor but would transform its economic landscape by providing jobs, reducing poverty and contributing significantly to socio-economic development of the State, especially in terms of the GDP of the State in particular, and the country in general.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I recall that at the onset of this project, the Rendeavour Group had requested for 2,000 (Two thousand hectares of land), out of which our government approved only 500 (Five hundred) hectares because, as a Government, we needed to be sure that investors have sufficient commitment and capacity to deliver project of great magnitude. We wanted to avoid a situation where our land is just kept for speculation purposes.

However, it gladdens my heart to say that since May, 2018 when the investors, through the North West Quadrant Development Company (NWQDC) moved to site, I have been impressed with the high level of seriousness and the record speed with which the milestone we are witnessing today has been achieved.

This show of commitment and Rendeavour’s enviable track-record with similar projects in other African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, was enough impetus for our government to approve an additional 500 (Five hundred) hectares for this project.

As partners in this project, I assure you of our State’s unshaken commitment to the success of the project. You can be rest assured that all relevant approving agencies would promptly attend to any of your needs in the course of your operations in this Zone.

We are aware that the increase in construction and industrial activities are already taking its toll on the road networks and other complementary infrastructure along this corridor. In order to forestall future chaotic traffic log-jams within this corridor and avoid similar incidences such as is being experienced in the Apapa axis, we have initiated the process of constructing the 7th Axial Road from the Lekki Deep Sea Port, en route the Lekki Free Zone to the Shagamu-Benin Expressway.

The design for the construction of a 50-hectare truck park within the Lekki-Epe corridor is also in progress.

Distinguished Guests, at this juncture, I must appreciate the trust and forbearance of the host community in Epe for believing in our administration and supporting the development of this historic project. Indeed, the hospitality and cooperation of the indigenous families, ably represented by the Resettlement Committees, has yielded positive results with this epoch-making milestone that would not only fast-track the development of the Lekki-Epe corridor but would transform the general socio-economic landscape of our State.

In appreciation of this support, our government has approved 750 (seven hundred and fifty) hectares of land as resettlement land for communities displaced from Parcel B of the Lekki Free Zone. The communities are Yegunda, Abomiti and Eyin-Osa. I have instructed the Lands Bureau to expedite action on the enumeration of the land in question to accelerate payment of compensation and the issuance of the C of O.

Our Dear Stakeholders and noble partners, let me assure you of the commitment of the Lagos State Government towards ensuring the security of all investments and maintaining good harmonious relationships between the investors and the host communities. Lagos State will always continue to be the number one investment destination in Africa.

On this final note, on behalf of the good people and Government of Lagos State, I once again congratulate the Rendeavour Group on this epoch making event and wish you continuous business prosperity.

It is, therefore, my greatest pleasure to unveil the Alaro Satellite City, in the North West Quadrant of the Lekki Free Zone, Epe to the glory of God.

Thank you.

Itesiwaju Ipinle Eko Lo J’ewa L’ogun