Governor Ambode’s Remarks At The Closing Ceremony Of Oysowa 2018 National Women’s Conference University Of Ibadan Conference Centre, Ibadan


I am honoured to be part of the Oyo State Officials’ Wives Association progress and for inviting me to be with you at this closing ceremony of the 2018 National Women’s Summit.

I am delighted to be here with my dear wife, Bolanle, to support the good works of our sister, Her Excellency, (Dr.) Mrs. Florence Ajimobi.

I commend Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Ajimobi, for the vision and wisdom to establish the OYSOWA for the objective of positively touching the lives of families and communities in Oyo State. Since 2012 you have sustained and grown this initiative and supported the works of our brother and Egbon, His Excellency, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

I must tell you that one of the reasons he continues to have that charming smile and discharge his numerous responsibilities with ease is because of your visible and strong support.

You have been a massive pillar of support and blessing to His Excellency and we thank you for doing a wonderful job. I also thank him for giving you the space to shine and blossom. And we can all see that you are always glowing radiantly.

I love the theme of this summit, “Against All Odds”. I love this theme because against all odds, we all made it; against all odds, we will all make it.

There will always be odds facing us; odds against our aspirations, our dreams, our objectives. But we cannot use these as excuses. The world we live in today does not take excuses. The world does not recognize efforts but results. So, against all odds, we must push forward, with a strong desire, and determination to succeed.

I know our women face a lot of odds. Different, difficult challenges come your way everyday. But my message to you today; and I am sure that is the message of this Summit, is that you can overcome all the challenges and triumph in all your endeavours.

The world is changing everyday and women are now in the forefront of things. Women are now agents of change and are no longer referred to as the “weaker sex”. So they must never see themselves as oppressed or discriminated against.

Every woman can be an agent of change. The society is built on a small unit called the family where the woman has great influence.

From the family unit, every woman can initiate or spark change which can cascade upwards to every level and every sector of the nation.

With focus, determination and perseverance, you can transform yourselves, your families, your communities and our country, against all odds.

I have been informed that you have had very enlightening, engaging and inspiring sessions. I urge you to keep pondering on the message of this Summit, apply it in your daily lives and against all odds, you will all succeed. The critical thing is to evaluate, arrive at a decision, act and persevere. The key thing is to act.

The success of this conference depends on your individual abilities to translate the values gained positively, starting from your respective homes and families, to the larger society. At this critical period of our nationhood, your ability to adapt yourself to the current challenges will inevitably transform our society.

I had the priviledge of being part of the opening ceremony of last year’s Summit; I am honoured to have this singular opportunity of officially declaring the 2018 National Women’s Summit closed.

I congratulate Her Excellency, (Dr.) Mrs. Ajimobi for lifting up the fortunes of Oyo State women in the last 7 years. And to all members of OYSOWA, thank you for a successful Summit.

God bless you all.

Akinwunmi Ambode

Governor of Lagos State,



30th November, 2018.