Goodwill Message Delivered By Governor Akinwunmi Ambode At The 2018 Lagos National Convention Of The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International – Nigeria


I greet you all in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

I am delighted to be in the midst of Christian brothers, businessmen and professionals, leaders and captains of industry indeed, a selection of Nigeria’s best, from all walks of life. I thank the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International – Nigeria for inviting me to your 2018 Lagos national Convention.

We thank our heavenly Father that this convention has been a resounding success and is set to end on a memorable note for all participants.

To the people visiting Lagos for this convention, I hope you have all enjoyed your stay in our State and received a warm welcome from our people.

Lagos is a praying State and we recognize the role of God in our progress and growth. That is why we always set aside the first Sunday of every year for the Thanksgiving Service. The successes recorded in our State are a result of God’s divine mercy and provision for our State.

As you are all aware, we have continued to enjoy religious harmony and peaceful coexistence amongst our people because all our religious leaders have been very supportive and we thank them for that.

In this State, we have a heart full of gratitude because God has been faithful. Our State has grown in leaps and bounds and we are confident that our God will never fail us, whenever we call on him.

Our State has been a gateway to prosperity for many and many more still come here in pursuit of their dreams. We continue to pray that as many as come to our State in search of genuine, honest business, our God will crown their efforts with success and they will reap bountiful harvests from their labour.

I am intrigued by the theme of this convention; “An Open Door”. For many years, we have been saying that Lagos is open to business; open to good, responsible and ethical businesses; honest and genuine business people; open to greater business.

The theme of this convention further strengthens this thinking. It seems to me that we have been building a Lagos which will be an Open Door to success, An Open Door to prosperity and An Open Door for all who believe and fear God to experience His Love, Mercy and Favour.

Before a door can open, proper foundation must have been laid. Our State remains a good example of where doors can open for members of this great fellowship.

As we gather here today, I urge you all to join us in praying for Lagos State and collectively, our Nation and all its citizens; all our business men and professionals, all our youth and women; that we may continue to enjoy the favour and protection of God always.

As a government, we are determined and God willing, we shall continue to achieve an all-inclusive progress and prosperity in the State. More than ever, our prime focus and concern has been and shall continue to be to serve diligently, our teeming masses, in every way possible.

We thank God for making this 2018 National Convention of “the happiest people on earth” a grand success and I pray that He will continue to be your light and guide as you win souls for him and raise a new generation of Bible-believing business men and professionals.

Thank you again for inviting me to join you and God bless you all.