• Guarantee the protection of children, the safety of every child, particularly the rights of the vulnerable, such as street children, trafficked children, Children with disabilities, and criminalize child labour.
  • Enforce the Child Abuse Law in the State while making education free and compulsory for every child up to the secondary school level.
  • Deliberately provide recreational/sports centres and parks for our public schools and public places to guarantee the mental balance of every child and promote quality labour force for the future, and to reform every aspect of the juvenile justice system dealing with children in conflict with the law.


  • We shall support and empower our women folk by strengthening the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Women Affairs to enable greater attention and effectiveness in its coordination of women development matters across ethnic, linguistic, religious or other sectional divides.
  • We shall pay special attention and recognition to professional women organizations; encourage them to reach out to women groups in formal/informal settings for overall participation in the political economy.
  • We shall commit to the needs/issues that concern widows, single parents and disadvantaged/challenged women (including enforcing the protection of women against Domestic Violence as enshrined in the Domestic Violence Law 2007 and supporting the Nigeria Women’s Charter that details policy expectations and commitment on issues related to the improvement of the lives of women).
  • In addition to these, work out a tax-incentive plan for women in business to encourage greater participation by women in the economy, and implement a policy of equal opportunity for women and men in the party structure and government.

The Aged

  • Provide social safety nets for Senior Citizens (both men & women) in the short and long terms, as partakers in the overall resources of the State.
  • Provide shelter homes/food courts with basic health facilities to be funded through a trust fund and support of the relevant stakeholders.
  • Work out an agreed tax rebate scheme to cushion the inflationary impact on their benefits/incomes for both retired and non-retired senior people.


  • Protect and enforce the rights and privileges of all disadvantaged persons irrespective of age, sex and circumstances. Enforce the Disability Law (2011) of Lagos State and also establish the Disable Persons Welfare Fund in accordance with the Law.


  • Design after school programs for youths in school (ages 10-16) or JSS1 to SS3, such as:Inter school debates, Art competitions, Mathematics and Science competition and Young innovation/inventor competition and encourage a reward system to promote excellence.
  • Provide school re-integration facilities such as off-site schools (similar to home schooling but with defined centers/catchment areas) that enable these youths learn and gradually be re-integrated into the school system.
  • Create gap year internships (students done with secondary school waiting for admission into Universities and other tertiary institutions). Through partnerships with private organizations and State Ministries, students with minimum results (would require eligibility criteria), could be given internship jobs to keep them busy while they await admission into Universities and other tertiary institutions. We will encourage private firms to participate, and will offer tax credits for each youth taken on-board.
  • Ensure that there are entertainment hubs for youths between the ages of 16- 24 (out of school or not gainfully employed) such as LAGMUSIC: an innovative youth development program, modeled on a youth participation approach.
  • Establish Lagos State Youth Social Enterprise Day through State funding. This platform will allow youths with socially focused ideas an opportunity to pursue and birth these ideas.
  • Develop a Youth Employment Agenda (YEA): YEA will offer the youths an opportunity to kick start their careers with traineeships and apprenticeships within Lagos State Government. The opportunity will provide youths paid employments, work experience and skill development that will lead to ongoing employment.
  • Introduce Lagos Spark: a community-focused program, where youths will be encouraged to get involved in developing their communities/LGA/Wards. The State Government will provide grants to the Local Government/ Wards for a number of years, with the aim of developing community-focused projects